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A great way to start the new year is with an exhibition! We are among the authors in the “January Art Exhibition of Young Talents” 2020. This special event is dedicated to showcasing young authors. The organizers are the foundations Plamak-Stara Zagora and Postijeniya, the Group of Artists in Stara Zagora, NBP newspaper, and the Society of spreading knowledge Stara Zagora. It is held in salon ''Bayer'' in Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) January 23-February 14, 2020.


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„ShadowDance: Cyberpunk“ is the biggest project of the online magazine ShadowDance. Almost 20 years, the magazine has taken a special place in the hearts of the Bulgarian fans of fantasy and sci-fi. The readers of their latest endeavor, will be emersed in an amazing and in-depth study of cyberpunk-an exciting and constantly evolving genre. It is a great pleasure for us to support this ambitious and unique project. Our cyberpunk works, are presented in the section dedicated to cyberpunk and Bulgarian authors. This section is among the special surprises in the extended digital edition, which is available to the fans who supported the magazine's successsfull crowdfunding campaign. Let us celebrate the success of „ShadowDance: Cyberpunk“ and wish for more fantasy and sci-fi for the Bulgarian readers! About ShadowDance and „ShadowDance: Киберпънк“ is available here

ShadowDance: Киберпънк

„ShadowDance“ съществува онлайн вече почти 20 години, а тази антология на тема „Киберпънк“ е неговият най-мащабен проект. Феновете на фантастиката ще могат да се потопят изцяло в този вълнуващ и постоянно променящ се жанр.


Let the magic of the Holidays bring many smiles, wonderful shared moments, and the fulfillment of the wildest dreams!
We wish all a fantastic, bright and full of wonders 2020!

Gene Autry Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer


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