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We're happy to share with you „A DANCE WITH INK“ official trailer!

Танц с Туш/A Dance With Ink/ 2019 Free Comic Book Trailer EV SV 1080p

"ТАНЦ С ТУШ" е подарък! Искаме с тази книга да отпразнуваме КОМИКСА, като арт форма, многоизмерно четиво, вдъхновение, начин на изразяване, забавление. Подар...


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„A DANCE WITH INK“ will have its premiere at ANIVENTURE COMIC CON. You can get your copy of the book from „NA TAMNO“ shops' booth at the festival. ANIVENTURE COMIC CON is the biggest annual event for fans of Anime, Cosplay, Comic books, Superheroes series, TV series, Movies, Gaming and Street Art in Bulgaria. The festival will be held September 14-15, 2019 at Inter Expo Center, Sofia. We invite the visitors of this unique event to get our gift-the free comic book „A DANCE WITH INK“!

Comic Con Bulgaria

Aniventure Comic Con features the best of Actors, Cosplayers, Celebrities and Gaming. 15-16 September 2018, Inter Expo Center Sofia.


„A DANCE WITH INK“ is a gift!

With this book, we want to celebrate COMICS as an art form, a mltilayered read, an inspiration, a way to express yourself, an entertainment. A gift for the authors, who share their ideas. For the readers, fans, and the people, who are holding such a book for the first time, looking for something new and different. A gift for the distributors, who want comics to be available. The gift makes happy the one who receives it, and its giver, too! COMICS in Bulgaria deserve being celebrated! Let's do it together! Let's enjoy COMICS together!

Our free comic book „A DANCE WITH INK“ will be distributed through „NA TAMNO“ shops. „NA TAMNO“ is the biggest independent retailer for alternative and lifestyle fashion in Bulgaria!


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