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Team Legado: Juliane.chan (writer) | Head Christ (Draws) | Casty Maat (colors and screentones) | Cheshy (English version)

We have a Saint Seiya manga (Golden Legacy/Legado de Ouro). Like us in Facebook:

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Mais uma brincadeirinha da #Casty no MMD, dessa vez Tafari:

Taurus no Tafari

Body: 770 Head: and Kio neck: Beard: Not distribued. From Legado de Ouro /Golden Legacy, brasilian doujinshi of Saint Seiya.

From Legado de Ouro - Original post


E tá saindo da jaula o monstro!

#capitulo01 #wip #legadodeouro

From Legado de Ouro - Original post


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