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#1 26 Mar, 2013 20:52:39


Hey there. I was hoping to post my webcomic Tales of the Winterborn here. I am the writer, Tad. I have permission from the artist (Izzy) to post here...or pretty much anywhere really smile
Anyway, our current links:
Tales of the Winterborn

Rough synopsis for the series as a whole:
In a world where manipulation has become common currency, is anyone truly in control of their own fate? Welcome to the Winterlands.

We've actually finished the first story arc and are nearly at the end of the first chapter of the second story arc. The art and writing are developing as we go along, so we're not perfect by any means but we're getting better. The comic is English.

Some examples for you:

Chapter 5 Page 4
Chapter 5 page 21
Chapter 5 page 22
Chapter 5 page 23
Chapter 5 page 33
Chapter 5 page 39
Chapter 5 page 40
Chapter 5 page 41
Colour shot of Maxwell Winter

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#2 01 Apr, 2013 15:11:42


♫ Tu veux publier ta BD sur Amilova ? Lis les instructions et envois moi un message privé wink.

#3 01 Apr, 2013 16:30:10


Thank you very much. Muchos happy to be accpeted onto the site smile

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