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Wouestopolis : manga cover

The story begins in year 6998 in a clash against a dimien demon(From the Latin dimensiva which means dimensional) who was to attack the earth. Soon after, several Illuminati monsters appear trying decimated all human race. The shock was so violent that the earth was split into several pieces. Finally the demon was stopped by a metal alien. 11 years has passed, a new generation of warrior arrived for stopped the acts of iluminatis. Yasuke is a young warrior with a powers much higher than the other warriors. In search of his destiny, he will have to travel the universe and its many dangers in search of four exceptional warriors if he wants to go to France to integrate the city which conceals a secret that shall put end to this war.

Cartoonist :

Scenarist :

Translator :

Original Language : Français

Updated on : Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Genre : Action

Type : manga - Saga
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33 Comments on the pages of Wouestopolis

Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 11Nov ch1 p1 I want to warn you, in the future chapters there will be Mysteries that will break your neurons. ;)

33 comments in other languages.

Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 4Dec ch6 p9 Et il tombe tombe et tombe :!: :D
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 1Dec ch6 p6 Cette planète atteint plus de 4000°C
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 25Nov ch6 p3 Pauvre petite Ranma...
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 24Nov ch6 p2 Le tome commence demain ;)
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 20Nov ch5 p8 Oui pour le prochain tome qui se déroulera sur une autre planète :)
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 20Nov ch6 p1 Un nouvel arc s'ouvre:!:
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 20Nov ch5 p15 Et voici la fin du tome 1 ;)
kazamatsu kazamatsu 18Nov ch5 p8 J'ai remarqué que tu as refaite la page de couverture , j'aime bien la nouvel ;) . On voit ta progression
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 17Nov ch2 p2 C'est exactement ca ;)
Namon Namon 17Nov ch2 p2 C'est marrant tu t'est inspiré d'une vine xD !
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 17Nov ch5 p13 Ceux qui habite aussi dans l'Essonne savent la référence. ;)
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 15Nov ch5 p12 Yasuké Ranma et Bubels sont abasourdies par cette nouvelle :D
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 12Nov ch5 p10 Malcom comprend rien a la logique des Mangas :D
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 6Nov ch5 p7 Je fais beaucoup trop de référence au passé de Yasuké, il faut que je me calme :D :!:
Kaneki Djace Kaneki Djace 3Nov ch5 p5 Comment mettre un vent à sur maître, tuto by Ranma :D

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