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Our eBook store is open!

Published on 2012-12-17

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Our eBook shop is open !

We've opened the Amilova eBook Store. Now, all the validated authors can publish and sell their eBooks. The choice for the page number, format or price is totally free. For readers, it is an opportunity to have a version of their favorites comics in PDF without DRM , optimized for tablets and computers. Perfect to enjoy your comics without being connected to the Internet. And finally, as we're giving from 60 to 85% of the eBook price directly to the author, it's an efficient way to remunerate the artist !

It's just the beginning but soon the store will be full of marvelous ebooks! You can enjoy Sid1ous and Mimiyavi eBooks : Run 8, Pantheon, Dhampyr and Nephlim!

Where are the eBooks?

No need to search, Mangas and Comics available as eBooks are mentionned with a special icon on its cover. If you want to read your comics online as before, just click anywhere on the cover... as long as you're not cliking on the eBook icon of course ;-)

Visit Amilova eBook Store

On the comics page, you've also a new filter named "Ebook" showing only the comics available as eBook. You can see this special page by clicking on the Explorer menu and choose "eBook shop":

Visit Amilova eBook Store

How to buy an eBook?

You can find all the available eBook for a comics on its information page. Among the classic information like the sumary, author, illustrators... you've now also the Ebooks related to this comics : could be chapters or full books, according how the author prefer to sell his/her story.

Visit Amilova eBook Store

How to read your eBook?

All the eBooks bought are available on your personnal collection page here. In practical terms, after downloading your eBook, you'll just need a PDF reader.

As Windows user, you can use Acrobat Reader or Foxit : (PDF readers list on Wikipedia).

As Linux or Mac Os X user, you have pre-installed software which are pretty good for PDF reading. Chrome and Firefox browser have also built-in PDF reader but be careful, as our eBook are quite big (around 40mo), browsers can have problem to read it, and could slow down your computer.

Also, on Iphone / Ipad user, you can use directly iBooks application, after downloading your file with your device, the eBook will be automatically added to iBooks. On Android system, it's the same, you've a pre-installed PDF reader. But if you prefer, you can download any PDF reader from the Google Play store.

Visit Amilova eBook Store

All our eBooks are DRM free, you can download them and read them on any device on your possession, as long and as much as you want.

Visit Amilova eBook Store

If you want to transfer a file on your device, the best way is to log in on your Amilova's profile and to donwload it. You can also use cloud service as Dropbox or Google Drive in order to have your Ebooks available on all your devices..

Weekly featured comics

Enjoy the selection of the featured comics of the week !

Djandora :

Djeneba was living peacefully with her father until the day she murdered him. Shocked and alone, she discovers a message left by him with a mission for her.

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7 Oníris Colors :

7 races were separated after the great war, now seven youths of different colors go on an adventure to end the curse of Deo.

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Boy with a secret :

Boy with a secret: is a story about a troubled teenage boy who hides his identity from everyone out of fear of being exposed. But things start to change when a friend from the past appears and offers to help.

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Bata Neart :

Ashling was a normal Irish teenager, until the day an ancient Celtic weapon found her. She now fights to hold onto her normal life and her sanity.

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Eatatau! :

A new school year has begin at the Academy of warriors in Ke'l-sar, capital of the Ttau world of T`chala. New friendships are forged and old ones are reinforced while the old masters are recognized. Kor`la repeates course and meets Skraat; a mysterious Kroott from the planet Kraust, and Sha-shiva, a shy Ttau from the famous clan Sha.

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Have a nice week and a merry christmas !

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