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Hello! I'm new here!!


Me too!!! ^_^
how's it going?

Welcome ;)

Hello! Thx

i think it's nice.

aww that so cute

aww that so cute

hello im new here too

Hi!! Thx kathy109!

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There's a girl that keeps on saying *Taemin!" "Taemin!"
All the girls screams was so loud!!

SHINee - 110618 [FANCAM] at Heathrow London Airport

SHINee GO TO MY CHANNEL FOR MORE SHINEE FANCAMS 110618 Do not own this video, credit to whoever owns it. SHINee fancam at when they go to London for their SM...

From Kobato Hasegawa - Original post


Just sharing some pictures of Taemin... :)

From Kobato Hasegawa - Original post


SHINee's BAND sticker has been released.
SHINee's EVERYBODY sticker!!! Check out SHINee's sticker at the BAND sticker shop now.

*Available for both iPhone and Android

From Kobato Hasegawa - Original post


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