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Hey, do any of you guys use Tumblr? ^^


I don't... but I see a lot of people using tumblr... can you explain in a few words what is good and bad in this platform ?

Erm...It's a bit like a visual version of twitter. You can write if you want, but people mostly post images/videos/music...It can be a little hard to build up followers, but the difference with Tumblr is, people don't have to be following you to see/like/repost your posts. They will find it through the tags. And through them it can reach more people.

Aaah... search through tags... we're thinking about adding this kind of system on Amilova... but it's hard to implement, and I fear that users will have difficulties using it :)

I have tumblr o/

^^ I just added you :)

I've just added you :)

Awesome ;)

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Yaaay! Thanks Troy ☆ *^__^* lol


UPDATE!! Come visit me here and leave me a comment if you're still here New members, old members, I don't care! Come say hello (^_^)/


Hi....Well, it's been a while Amilova. I'm not exactly a new member, but it's been a pretty long time since I was active here. I ran an episode of a c (...)


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