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Regarding the email purpose, if you want to grab leads then we also want to put a spotlight on our next extension called SugarCRM Email to Lead where it has one of the best features of creating the records automatically to any module. Here when using the plugin, you will always receive a notification on your Email ID and yes the mapping of fields is possible and you set select any field that you want to. It is worth to adapt such great extensions in your business.

SugarCRM Email to Lead or Anything

SugarCRM Email to Lead or anything allows users to create records through inbound emails. Email2Lead plugin help to generate leads, contacts and mapping fields from inflowing emails.


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Outright Store is well-known name in the CRM industry which offer great Suite/SugarCRM services to their clients globally that never halt their business growth. Additionally, we have some special top-notch extensions for your business that open the door of success and make your tedious task more interesting. We want everyone to get in touch with us and put hands on some great plugins for your business. You can entail plugins like Twilio SMS, BCC Archive, Unique ID Generator, Database backup and Restore, Email to Lead, etc in your business activity that we are offering.


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