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presentation of calmcnichols

Hey. I've drawn my whole life and decided to now do my own universe and a comic to go with it. So here we go--

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calmcnichols's blog

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New page of Song of the Motherland

En English, chapitre 1, page 52


[calmcnichols] Song of the Motherland
finally up :)


[calmcnichols] Song of the Motherland
PMed the admins a week ago to set the comic live and still haven't heard anything.


[calmcnichols] Song of the Motherland
TroyB replied to give me author privileges, hopefully the comic itself will go live soon :)


[calmcnichols] Song of the Motherland
ou une pierre! -- one of the things i enjoy about the comic the most is the freedom i have for the setting to make a believable but exotic world. th (...)


[calmcnichols] Song of the Motherland
i'm glad you like them! It's not so much that I don't know where the story goes, more that a large overarching plot tying many characters together isn (...)

[calmcnichols] Song of the Motherland
it was a bionicle i drew a few years ago for fun. nothing related to the comic.

[calmcnichols] Song of the Motherland
glad you like them.


[calmcnichols] Song of the Motherland Note: I do not speak french. But I will gladly read all comments thanks to goo (...)

[calmcnichols] Song of the Motherland
Je vous remercie! Je suis heureux que vous l'ayez apprécié. thank you! i'm glad you enjoyed it. sorry for my terrible french.


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