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#1 07 Jun, 2012 18:24:27

Cap. AR!


Original idea by Jormest (known as Cap. AR! in Amilova) and illustrated by A.C.Puig, creator of "Food Attack" and "Secret Files"!

Join Méliarn, a special 14 years girl, in her particular quest for revenge. They´ll accompany the girl in her goal, right from the start: Vras, a cute genius but with a irreverent personality and a intense libido; and Áilar, a young warrior who owns a very popular magical spear, and is Mel´s cousin.

Follow this epic fantasy in a world like no other, where the impossible is our daily bread (and vulgar)! Adventure full of magic like you've never seen, between the supernatural and the absurd! All this told with great humor and action!

On July 2nd the adventure begins in Amilova. Are you going to lose it? wink

Facebook: … 8134769102

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#2 08 Jun, 2012 12:22:16

Cap. AR!

Here the three first protagonist: Méliarn, Vras & Áilar.


#3 12 Jun, 2012 08:57:25


I'm very curious, hope to read it soon wink.

Thanks for sharing wink.


♫ Tu veux publier ta BD sur Amilova ? Lis les instructions et envois moi un message privé wink.

#4 19 Jun, 2012 18:26:36

Cap. AR!

Thank you, Troy wink


#5 26 Jun, 2012 16:19:51


Finally "-AF-" is on facebook. By the way, this is my new "author account".

"-AF- Carta Blanca" begins on July the 2nd wink

Last edited by Jormest (28 Jun, 2012 15:10:50)

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