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HELLSHLING : manga cover

Hellshling, as some of you can already tell by the title, is a parody of the manga Hellsing by kouta Hirano!

Nutella-eating slug, I have always been drawing and have been blogging since 2008. Otherwise the picture you can see a Pikachu violate my rabbit Voldemort.

Cartoonist :

Original Language : Français

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Humor

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

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Chapter 1 : Volume 1
Volume 1
Chapter 1

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2874 Comments on the pages of HELLSHLING

yata_luver yata_luver 13Apr ch2 p18 :D :D :) :)
yata_luver yata_luver 12Apr ch2 p16 ;) ;) ;)
Rukkeo Rukkeo 24Mar ch3 p4 woah i laughed so hard because of this page:))
Rukkeo Rukkeo 24Mar ch2 p18 his nipple lol XD
Rukkeo Rukkeo 24Mar ch2 p10 lol :))))
Rukkeo Rukkeo 24Mar ch1 p12 oke this was hilarious xD
forbes forbes 27Jan ch3 p9 Thumb!
forbes forbes 27Jan ch3 p4 no merkin?
forbes forbes 25Jan ch2 p13 3 allies
forbes forbes 24Jan ch2 p6 I missed this part.
forbes forbes 24Jan ch2 p3 now I get it!
S.E.Th S.E.Th 14Jan ch4 p7 Love the humor!
midnighsn69 midnighsn69 4Jan ch1 p21 Lol, he takes of his glasses like the guy in the Experts ^^"
commander commander 2Jan ch3 p8 Pedro alert! go to defcon 1! repeat go to defcon 1!
commander commander 2Jan ch2 p1 can say that again im recovering from an encounter of the pedro kind. *eye twitch*

2874 comments in other languages.

majora majora 6Apr ch3 p16 alors ce n'étais pas une blague °_°
Sabibi Sabibi 27Feb ch4 p7 Mdr le petit clin d’œil a HOTD
Queenie Queenie 21Feb ch4 p6 C'est moi ou il y a une référence à FMA? le tatoo sur l'épaule de Sarace ressemble à celui des Homonculus
Hana-chan Hana-chan 22Jan ch7 p4 j'adore ta bd, elle est trop marrante XD j'ai hâte de lire la suite :)
bacs22 bacs22 9Dec ch3 p6 JAJAJ USAR AGUA COMO SENSURA xd
Eme Eme 15Nov ch6 p22 ok
Raph60 Raph60 14Nov ch6 p22 intéressant... je vais aller jeter un coup d'oeil (GOOGLE !!! Viens par ici !!!)
Eme Eme 14Nov ch6 p22 tu peux trouver sa fasilement sur internet
Raph60 Raph60 14Nov ch6 p22 le tapis t'as raison
Eme Eme 14Nov ch6 p22 euh la souris ou le tapis de souris
Raph60 Raph60 13Nov ch6 p22 Je veux la même souris, je l'adore :) :) :)
Malakoh Malakoh 12Oct ch7 p4 Ieiiiii :D
fandemangadu33 fandemangadu33 10Oct ch7 p4 Beh nous sommes deux pottergeeks té (j'en suis un)
Chiantos Chiantos 9Oct ch7 p4 RIP Hellshling
Sacrieur64 Sacrieur64 13Sep ch5 p3 Arg mes yeux! Cette écriture de kikoo! ça pique!

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babee New Topic! 2Nov All comics - HELLSHLING - Nuovo: Hellshling in italiano! Italiano, mama mia que pizza! ;p it´s remenber :) ehhe
Mariko New Topic! 1Nov Drawing Dual Round 1 Hellshling vs Eagle Heart Yeah, now it's time to unveil some parts of this picture: To reveal more (...)

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