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New design & featured comics

Published on 2013-06-12

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New design !

Soon Amilova will count 60 000 members!

It was about time to think how to improve our design. With the new homepage, you have a direct access to the new discussions, hot topics currently discussed on Amilova and also a new way to display comics covers. Now you can display as much covers as you want and it will be saved for your next visit. It's a powerfull way to have a quick access to your favourites or the last updates comics !

And last but not the least : the homepage is full responsive: you can enjoy right away a better navigation on PC, Tablets or smartphones!

Discover the new Amilova interface

For the authors, we have created a simple but yet powerful tool : the one-click eBook generator! Go check our eBooks collection here ! A plenty of new one are available ;-)

Must read !

Dude, check out these amazing comics available on Amilova !

Read Apple Strenght

Apple Strenght :
The long awaited Apple Strenght is finally available in English, thanks to our translators ;-)
➤ Click here to read

Read Akuma de Koibito

Akuma de Koibito :
Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by tayuyya!
➤ Click here to read

Have a nice week and don't forget: a comics a day keeps the doctor away!

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