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Published on 2013-04-30

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Undead Trinity :
Writer Angelo and artist RIccardo are the zombie duo UNDEAD TRINITY. They've set out to make their own zombie epic, taking inspiration not only from obvious sources like “The Walking Dead” and “Marvel zombies”, but also Alan Moore’s “Writing for comics”, Eisner’s “A Contract with God”, Naoki Urasawa, Dylan Dog, Wolverine, Green Lantern, The Punisher, “Adventure Comics” and as the style clearly suggests - Mike Mignola's Hellboy.
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Must read !

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Read A Redtail's Dream

A Redtail's Dream :
"A Redtail's Dream" is a comic telling the tale of a young man and his dog on a very much involuntary journey on the other side of the Bird's Path, in an artificially created dream existence. As the only ones aware of their unusual situation, the duo has been given the task of bringing their fellow villagers back into their own reality before their souls are passed on to the realms of Tuonela. And the two are attempting to do so with zero enthusiasm:
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Read No Pink Ponies

No Pink Ponies :
"No Pink Ponies" is the story of Jess, or rather snapshots of that. Jess is a nerd, but she also grew up looking cute, so she's a rarity among nerdists. Very goofy and clumsy but also very friendly. Can get a bit extreme at times, like opening a comic store just so that she can get close to the guy she likes. The rest of the cast are just as compelling:
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Read Giving Smiles Away

Giving Smiles Away :
"Giving Smiles Away" is a shojo manga in the best tradition. Maria is an average girl who, tired of her boring daily life, decided to live off her dreams. She imagines a life full of happiness and smiles where she meets this boy she has seen around her town, "he who gives smiles away". She is positive she can live through her dreams and have no regrets. After all, can reality be told apart from fantasy? And is it really possible to live out of dreams?
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