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Grimm Legacy is waiting for you !

Published on 2013-03-26

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Grimm Legacy : This story takes place in the Fairy Tale world. Our Protagonist is the younger Grimm Brother. After watching his older brother get murdered by the Shadow King (Evil Wizard Antagonist) their family Legacy/ Curse transfers to him upon the older ones death. Read this comics on this page !

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Daydreamers : Bunch of daydreamers in their own way, has their own little stories to tell. Yuna, the little mystery of wonder, Una, the sweet little one, Sejin, the joker and Unjin the awesomely weird one. A slice of life comic with a little bit of story : click here to read

Super Haters : A superhero satire webcomic starring Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye, two lewd and rude slackers who suck at pretty much everything. : click here to read

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