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Ebooks & updates

Published on 2013-01-22

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New eBooks available!

Amilova's eBook store keeps growing! 8 books are currently available available as eBooks: Doodling Around, U.N.A. Frontiers or Dhalmun: Lesser Evil are awaiting you!

Our eBooks are DRM free & headache safe ! Enjoy the freedom to read your favorite comics and manga wherever you want on any kind of device : mobile, tablets, computer!

More eBooks are coming!

Browse Amilova's eBook store here

Buying an Ebook is also the best way to show your support to the author. On each sales, the author will receive directly 60% of the price! So do not hesitate to help your favorites comics by buying their eBooks.

Amilova's updates

After the massive updates at the end of previous year, Amilova could seems too quiet to you. With a new design, personnal blogs, the eBook store, or even the affiliate program, a crazy work has been done to make Amilova the best place for comics and manga's lovers.

But our team is still working in order to improve Amilova, even if the modification are not everytime visible.

Recently, the private message system has been re-coded and improved for a better experience. In the meantime, it's more than 10 bugs that I've been fixed.

No rest for Amilova's team!

Découvrir la boutique d'eBook d'amilova ici

We'll still improve the website in order to deliver the best experience ever. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Thanks and have a nice week!

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