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Unleash the power of your blog !

Published on 2012-12-06

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Use your member page at full power

We have already mentioned the changes in the profile member, but it is time to explain how your profile on Amilova is as powerful and cool as a blog!

On your personal page, you can share your mood as well as photos and video. The authors are already using this tool to show their sketch, artwork and work in progress!

1. Subscribe

You like an author ? Then subscribe to his/her profile and follow his updates. You'll receive a notification for any new entry on his/her personnal page.

You just have to go on his/her member page and to click on the button "Follow".

2. Filter by last updates

You want to know what's going on on Amilova's blogs? It's easy!

On the homepage, just filter the new updates by blogs. Real time activity, it's the "box" below "What do you want to read?" and "Now Trending"

3. Publish on your blog :

In few words, the main features to know before publishing on your blog :

  • To write a message, it's easy, just type your text and post it by clicking on "Post" button.

  • To add a picture, click"Add Image", write your text, click "Post" and voilà ! You've published a picture with a text below.

  • For a video or a web page, it is even easier! You just have to copy / paste the link of the page or video in your message and we're taking care of everything to display it correctly! Pretty cool, no?

  • Wait ! It's important ! In order to Delete a post, you should move your cursor "on the top" of the post, close to the text "NICKNAME says " and then a small cross will appear. Click it to delete your post. Sorry but by far, it's the only option to manage your post. We'll try to add an edit option soon.

4. Connect your social network :

One of the coolest feature on Amilova's blog is the "Social Stream". Bored to spend hours updating your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more ? We've a solution for you !

Now you can connect your social network account with your Amilova's profile : Why?

On every post that you're doing on Amilova, you'll be able to inject it directly in your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr... and 7 other major social network ! No need to waste your time, by saying it on, you can say it on all your other social network !

To add a social network, just click on the "big cross" nearby your nickname on your member page.

A popup will display a list of option and explain what to do to connect your social network profile with Amilova.

For us, the respect of your privacy is very important, so when you're connecting your personnal account, you're granting only the access to post your update. And for each post on Amilova, it's you to choose to send it or not on the other site. You keep a full control and you can cut the link between your Amilova's profile and your other account at any moment.

You're now ready to enjoy Amilova's blog at 100%, have fun and happy blogging !

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