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Published on 2012-12-04

Christmas special promotion : Earn 100% bonus on your godchildren

How does it work?

Invite your friends to register on using a referral link (available on this page). If one of your friends purchase a membership on, you get the same amount as a gift!

For example, one of your friends subscribe for one year Premium, you also get a yearly Premium Membership in Gold. If three friends buy one month Premium Membership, you get the equivalent of 3 Premium months in Gold!!

Of course it also works directly with golds. If your godson buys eg 25 golds, you also get 25 golds!

Warning: We'll multiply the gold earned during this promotion after January 3, 2013, the time to calculate it properly. So no worries if you only see 25% revshare during December, the bonus will be applied at the end of the operation, in january.

Promotion Period:

The magic of christmas is not eternal, this special promotion will be effective for purchases between 3 December 2012 to 3 January 2013. After this period, the sponsorship is still active and you will continue to earn 25% on any purchases done by your godchildren!

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