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presentation of Yuki S.

Yuki S. lives and works in Okinawa, Japan. Consumes coffee and tea regularly.
Yuki draws "Fishbones Comics" and also draws for another comic called 'Gorge'.

Spoken languages:
English  日本語 

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Yuki S.'s blog

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Book II - Chapter 13

Ferris wasn’t quite sure how he made it through the morning. By lunch, all he could recall was a flurry of requests, bleary phone calls, and pages of spreadsheets. The profit and loss statement he ...

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Book II - Chapter 12

A clatter in the living room woke Ferris with a start. Images of dirt, bare feet, and car trunks dissipated as every sense in his body centered on the bedroom door. He reached for the nightstand, a...

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Book II - Chapter 11

Morning came slowly. The alarm chanted its grating song beside Ferris’ ear, rousing him abruptly enough to elbow Demos in the cheek. “Ow, fuck.” Demos groaned into his pillow before flopping an arm...

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趙知淑 • Hey free postcards! Hey all, I’m doing a giveaway...

Hey free postcards! Hey all, I’m doing a giveaway for postcards. It was really fun to do for Karasu, so I thought I’d give it another shot with Fishbones. All you have to do is leave five comments on...

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Book II - Chapter 10

Gina stood waiting for them at the service entrance. She was leaning on the Alfa Romeo, ankles crossed as she tossed aside her second cigarette. “You owe me an explanation,” she said as the two men...

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New sequel chapter!

Book II - Chapter 09

With the back of his hand, Demos swept back a curtain to take in the scenery. The hotel gave a wide view of the surrounding forest, with the border of a golf course peeking in from the east. Though...

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Book II - Chapter 08

“It’s just a day trip, Demos. What do you need all this crap for?” Demos didn’t look up from the suitcase on his bed, fully focused on the array of contents inside. Ferris’ question wasn’t worthy o...

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