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TroyB 41

Fantastic comic Akeema, thanks for bringing us your art

TroyB 02/10/2012 14:01:19   
DrugOn 11

This girl's scary: same as before and after

DrugOn 02/13/2012 00:47:29   
TroyB 41

DrugOn said:This girl's scary: same as before and after

True, totally true .

TroyB 02/13/2012 11:53:18   
camelota 1

забавный комикс)

camelota 05/30/2012 12:53:36   
I Went Violence 1

Не плохо. Но скучновато.

I Went Violence 05/30/2012 17:25:18   
Ocel0tl 1

simplemente impresionante :O

Ocel0tl 07/22/2012 00:42:45   
kingcombat06 3

ça commence bien, ça va etre épic

kingcombat06 08/22/2012 12:36:26   
Mido-K 1

AMAZING WORK OF ART! ... I believe the best comics that are those who dont need words, in which u can understand each and every emotion without a single word

Mido-K 08/29/2012 14:07:27   
Pink_Marionette 6

That was impressive.

Pink_Marionette 11/21/2012 21:50:24   
TroyB 41

I just read it again. It's really excellent

TroyB 04/01/2013 17:15:02   
Daniela95 1

That girl is scarry....I like that!

Daniela95 05/01/2013 17:07:01   
Demon_Okurami 1

It's really good! I love the first page, congratulations!!!

Demon_Okurami 07/10/2013 00:38:22   
munstah 1

O-M-G! The story barelly started and I'm already craving for more! Really nice

munstah 08/02/2013 16:50:37   
Death-carioca 30

So sad, I wanted A LOT more.

Death-carioca 03/22/2014 00:22:53   
shubham1111 1

revenge from your ex be like ...

shubham1111 09/26/2018 18:37:11   
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