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Strings and Time

Strings and Time : manga cover

Braylin has been talking to Landon, a very attractive guy on an online dating site for four months and they have never met. Braylin and Landon felt a very strong connection with each other and bonded very quiclky. Somehow, Landon gets admitted into the same High School Braylin attends. This would have been a very lovely reunion if Braylin hadn’t lied.

Cartoonist :

Original Language : English

Genre : Yaoi - Boys love

Type : manga - Saga
(read from left to right)

2 Comments on the pages of Strings and Time

Tanako Tanako 10Mar ch1 p5 awww thank you Miss_Call. i will be posting more pages soon.
Miss_Call Miss_Call 5Mar ch1 p5 Hi! New French reader here! Good luck with your webcomic, it's a nice start!

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Tanako New Topic! 7Apr Strings and Time Online Boys love comic A Boylove story like no other. unique characters, not your average cliche. ::::: COME READ STRINGS AND TIME, A BOY LOVE ROMANCE: (...)

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