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Already 105203 members and 1139 comics & mangas!.

We proudly present to you the project Amilova!

Amilova? Who's that?

Amilova Well, Amilova is actually my name! As well as the name of the manga series that follows my adventures. But it is also the name of the site and online community devoted to comics, manga and video games!

Nice to meet you! And welcome aboard!

Let me introduce you to all the people who are making the Amilova project a reality!

The Amilova Team

Since 2010 the Amilova project has been a platform for artists from all around the world to present their comics to a worldwide audience, in all possible languages. To create and develop such an ambitious project, we rely on our talented team!
  • Administration: PKRG
  • Marketing & Communioty: TroyB
  • Developers: Salagir, Eboisgon
  • Web Design: Catarina
Team Amilova
Team Amilova

Our Dedicated Moderators

Amilova project is growing more and more with each day. Our international community includes more than 105203 members and we have over 885 artists.

Supporting a community is an enormous challenge, which would be totally impossible without the help of our dedicated moderators.

Project Creators was created in 2010 by (from left to right) PKRG a.k.a Alexandre, TroyB a.k.a Adrien, Salagir a.k.a Laurent.

Fondateur Amilova

Artists and readers is a project created by comics artists and fans, for comics artists and fans! The idea is to bring together readers and artists from all over the world on, which is possible through the online community and IRL events.

Team Amilova
Team Amilova
Team Amilova
Team Amilova
Team Amilova
Projet Amilova

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