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#1 16 Jul, 2012 12:36:08


We have 5 comics coming out this year, 2 are already completed. We are having a top notch website built to sell our comics online and plan to market them all across the internet. Now to the good stuff.

We are looking for a talented Artist to create our newest story idea into an awesome comic. The Title of this comic is called GOD SLAYER. Below is a story summary, if you like it please APPLY after you READ this entire post.


God Slayer is set in a Fantasy World called Arkaena. It is a land ruled by High Elves and is home to a new group of people who suddenly appeared in it. They ascended from another dimension and they use Dragon Magic to fight with. Unfortunately their Dragons were all killed before they ascended, all they had left was 2 dragon eggs that wouldn't hatch. Since their magic derived from Dragons they only had what was left when they ascended. They couldn't replenish their magical pools. They made contact with the High Elves of Arkaena and helped them in their war against the Giants. With their Help the stalemate was over and the Elves Won. As a reward the High Elf King Locian Erudun let the Dragon Magic users join their society as heroes. They taught them about Primal Magic, magic that resides in the land intself and how the Elves were born able to harness it. Locian used his power and brought 2 dragon souls from the spirit relam and infused them into the eggs bringing Dragons to Arkaena. He became friends with King Aesir and let his daughter marry him. The two species lived in peace and started to mate with each other creating Half Elves able to control Primal Magic and Dragon Magic called Divine Prophets. The Chaos Guard was created that was an Elite Warrior group that guarded the King that only Divine Prophets would join. With them the High Elves became the dominant force in Arkaena. A millennia of peace passes and one day a dimensional portal opens and a massive army of creatures called Revenants appears. They are from a plane of existence called Torment and they feed on creatures who can harness magic. They attack a strong hold where 50 Divine Prophets were stationed along with 10 Dragons. In one night they were wiped out and the Revenants tasted Dragon Magic. Empowered by it they attack High Theramune the Elven Capital and eat all the Divine Prophets and Dragons they can find. One boy remains, after seeing his enitire family killed by a Revanant he stands un afraid of him. From the shadows another Revenant named Shade watches as this boy tries to fight even though he stands no chance. Shade has ended countless civilizations and is bored. This Boy reignites his fighting spirit and he saves him deciding to help train him in how to **** Revenants. They escape the capital as it burns down and the boy begins his training to become a God Slayer.

As a new Indie Publisher the money is going to our website. So what I am offering here is for an artist to draw this story and take 50% of the Sales that will happen from our website. We are looking at a .99 price point for a digital download of the comics. We are thinking of using Pay Pal to send the monies across the internet. So you will need a PayPal account. ONLY APPLY IF YOU AGREE TO THE 50% SPLIT PROFIT OF SALES. YOU WILL NOT GET ANYTHING UP FRONT IT WILL COME FROM THE SALES.


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