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#1 28 Apr, 2012 22:18:58


How can I translate a page on which are no bubbles?

Since I don't change a thing, I can't save my changes and can't click the usual button to make the page visible. So I can't continue the translation, since it says: For this page to be visible, please also translate the previous X pages.

What can I do to continue the translation?


#2 29 Apr, 2012 21:30:26


My way:
1. Just add new bubble by yourself.
2. Then type a random mark in it.
3. Click to make this page visible.
4. Finally remove previously added bubble.

Sometimes there's need to fill just the first bubble to make page visible.
Hope it'll work. smile

#3 29 Apr, 2012 22:16:32


The problem is, I can't add a new bubble by myself...
Otherwise I would have done that...

#4 30 Apr, 2012 16:35:07


Okay, now I can make the bubbles.

Although I have no idea, why I couldn't before...

Last edited by GEshode (30 Apr, 2012 16:43:58)

#5 30 Apr, 2012 19:51:31


But now is everything okay? Has it helped?

#6 30 Apr, 2012 20:09:31


Yes, know I can add and change bubbles.
No idea, why I couldn't before...

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