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#1 23 Jan, 2014 07:44:41


Gothika is a huge graphic novel saga that I have been developing in the last 10 years or so.

In 2014 I'll will finally start this fantasy comic book saga and I'll upload it on Amilova. Here I'll post some concepts and other art from the comic book.

Gothika Logo:

Zen The Blaze - The son of the first angel (the devil) and the first demon and the main character of the saga:

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#2 27 Jan, 2014 07:22:03


Velhemina - A fallen archangel, that saves Zen as a baby and raises him as her own:


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#3 28 Jan, 2014 21:43:50


Moon - A werewolf orphan, trying to find her place in the world:


#4 03 Feb, 2014 09:15:25


Nocturne - A renegade elf and a bounty hunter:


#5 07 Feb, 2014 06:28:02


Grim - Dark angel, grim reaper, death...and the best friend of the main character:


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#6 11 Feb, 2014 16:40:08


Really cool !
Any teaser on what it will be about?

♫ Tu veux publier ta BD sur Amilova ? Lis les instructions et envois moi un message privé wink.

#7 12 Feb, 2014 11:57:50

TroyB wrote:

Really cool !
Any teaser on what it will be about?

This will be an epic fantasy saga in 6 novels. It's about the war between Heaven and Hell with the Earth in the middle. It will include almost all kinds of mythical creatures - both good and evil. The story begins in the middle ages with the birth of the main character Zen and continues to the present.

Axile - Once a royal magician, no Axle is a dark mage and necromancer who hates everything in the world and helps the devil in his plans:


#8 13 Feb, 2014 06:31:12


Lessel and The Succubus Twins - Lessel is a archdemon from hell representing lust and the Succubus Twins are her personal pets:


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