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#1 03 Mar, 2014 17:10:00


Hi, the monster design contest hits again smile, it's easy to participate so give it a try!


#2 25 Mar, 2014 13:13:29


The contest ended, here are the participants and winners. I'll skip the descriptions, since they are all in spanish

mind stalker and tesla tree by Enderman:



Lardark, by Alejandro Gil



Blue dragon, by Clover



Perkele, byTenso



Holucrab, by Kamul



no name, by Kobatoo



Kama Raionos, by Ignacio Martinez



Manti-hormiga, by lameth



Kanimashu, by Arzon



Sonterino, by Cerberus max



Wiolf, by Cerberus max



Chepelote, by Cerberus max



Cunkuro, by Cerberus max



Now, the winners, it have been a difficult one, so i've decided to give an extra second prize.

So, the first second prize is for the Helucrab, it have many details in the drawing and description, and it's group sound powers are interesting.


The other second prize is for the Perkele, it's a creature as useless and nature joke as the velocibell.


And the winner is the Raionos of Ignacio Martinez.


It's a creature that makes nature to grow where it passes, an interesting contrast to other creatures.

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