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#1 20 Dec, 2014 10:50:39

Jay Crest

Hello fellow Comics and manga lovers!

I decided to look for other comic hosting sites that were both user-friendly, and has an awesome community. So I said, "Why not?!?"

So here are some of the pages of my manga, DAMIEN.

FluxBB bbcode test

FluxBB bbcode test

FluxBB bbcode test

FluxBB bbcode test

FluxBB bbcode test

FluxBB bbcode test

I really do like to hear the thoughts of the community about it. Is my style of work okay? Did the guy on the last page looked creepy? ^_^

Last edited by Jay Crest (21 Dec, 2014 19:06:40)

#2 27 Dec, 2014 06:14:56

Reon Merryweather

Your artwork is pretty cool.

What is it with this site, anyway? I went away for a year, I return, and find out I'm featured in the top 20 on the main page.

#3 27 Dec, 2014 08:17:24


Really nice, I'll validate you as soon as I'm back at the HQ, I don't have all my powers from here wink. Please wait a few more days/hours, thanks for your patience.

@reon about your comic being in the top 20... I don't understand... is that cool or uncool smile ?


♫ Tu veux publier ta BD sur Amilova ? Lis les instructions et envois moi un message privé wink.

#4 27 Dec, 2014 08:36:01

Reon Merryweather

It's very cool

#5 27 Dec, 2014 15:07:46

Jay Crest

I'm fine with waiting. I'm just glad that the admin got to check out my work ^_^

#6 27 Dec, 2014 15:10:44

Jay Crest
Reon Merryweather wrote:

Your artwork is pretty cool.

Thank you for the praise ^_^

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