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#1 03 Mar, 2013 03:21:54


Hi! I'm Nick Marino, creator of Super Haters. It's a superhero satire webcomic starring Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye, two super-slackers who suck at pretty much everything, most notably being superheroes.

It began in 2009 as a lo-fi cut-and-paste webcomic written and drawn by me. But a couple of years ago I began collaborating with some talented artists to tell short 5-page self-contained stories featuring the Super Haters in wild situations.

Eventually, I enjoyed working with the artists so much that I phased out the cut-and-paste webcomics and now Super Haters is fully devoted to short collaborations that test the boundaries of superhero storytelling and good taste. smile

I'm going to share the two most recent Super Haters stories below. I hope you enjoy them! If you do, I'd be honored to post Super Haters here on Amilova.

(click on the pages for larger versions!!)

"When Ya Comin' Back, Kid Raptor?"
Art and letters by E.D., Script by Nick Marino






"Manga Haters"
Art by Brandon Williams, Script and letters by Nick Marino






#2 04 Mar, 2013 13:52:35


Sounds interesting and crazy funny, welcome here smile


♫ Tu veux publier ta BD sur Amilova ? Lis les instructions et envois moi un message privé wink.

#3 04 Mar, 2013 14:49:30


Thx Troy! I'm glad to be here. cool

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