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#1 28 Mar, 2012 02:34:18


I have just uploaded blank-balloon pages of UNA Frontiers chapter 1 for translation. Go nuts, guys!

#2 28 Mar, 2012 12:36:04

Coydog wrote:

I have just uploaded blank-balloon pages of UNA Frontiers chapter 1 for translation. Go nuts, guys!

Well done Coydog! I'm quite sure that your comic will be translated in different languages soon smile

#3 03 Apr, 2012 02:48:57


I just put up blank pages for chapter 2!

#4 17 Apr, 2012 00:53:47


Blank pages for Chapter 3 now uploaded. No, there are no missing pages. For reasons now lost to the mists of time, I had to compress what would have been twelve pages into nine.

#5 25 May, 2012 07:31:44


Thanks for the good work, Adamantine! Blanks for Chapter 4 will be coming out soon!

#6 14 Jun, 2012 02:24:03


Chapter 4 blanks are now up!

#7 04 Sep, 2012 19:51:37


I re-uploaded the blanks for Chapter 4 since they were apparently not showing up. Try to access them again and see what happens.

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