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#1 13 Jan, 2012 14:44:40


I already started to draw at primary school. Like many artist I was doodling during class in school notebooks instead of paying attention to the classes.
I don’t recommend this, stick to school! ^_^

Most of my inspiration comes from the years when I was a kid.
I grew up with impacting anime/cartoons like Thundercats. Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mask. Slowly I started to see the differences between Japanese and non Japanese animations and illustrations. In my teenage years my father past on hundreds of Spiderman comicbooks, I loved Spiderman!
And Jeez, I drew a lot of Spiderman pictures back then, my whole room was filled! I think making comics started from there but then  the teachers on school  told me that a cartoonists don’t make a lot of money so I just kept it as a hobby.

I also remember that my father arranged some drawing lessons when I was 13 years old. I would get assignments via post. They would send pictures of a house and a tree and I had to copy it. Most of it was in ink and after I was done, I would have to send the copy back from wherever it came from.

Somebody would grade and send it back again. I never saw that person or spoke to him. I was like, what the hack? But I didn’t follow it for long because I didn’t see the benefit of it. Today would be a whole different story. I like to work on my techniques and trying to improve them every day.   

Over the years I found a different passion; making movies as a director! I build up my own Audio-visual and Graphic Design company in 2004 to pursuit this dream.  The first concept of Ipodoboy started in 2006. The original idea was to make a movie of this character. After making commercials and building company identities I found out that my passion never was about making movies at all, it was merely the surface. What my passion really was about is telling a great story.

The anime series Naruto, Bleach and One Piece made the biggest difference in shaping my new clearer goal. I was fascinated about the way these intriguing stories where told and looked in to the origin of anime; the manga.

I always had a connection and a deep interest for the Japanese art and now I knew why. The stories of anime are rich and artistic and so are the illustrations.
So I picked up my drawing skills and this time I was determined to make a manga of my own.

Now I am working on Ipodoboy. I really believe that it can match up to the big Shonen Jump manga. And even if it doesn’t for the world, I am fulfilling my dream…

Check out my manga IPODOBOY on Amilova: … age-2.html

#2 14 Jan, 2012 16:28:30


Thanks for your presentation I really love your style !!!
As soon as your manga is available "for translation" I'll help with english to french wink.

Welcome here !

#3 14 Jan, 2012 18:50:51


It is good to follow your own dream isn't it? Enjoy it to the fullest.
your manga is quite interesting, hope you keep your good work. ^^

#4 21 Jan, 2012 17:51:19


Welcome aboard.
I read some pages,it's really cool!

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