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#1 04 Sep, 2011 20:49:48


Here you have the video of Food Attack. I hope you like it: D

#2 05 Sep, 2011 08:05:20


It's cool man !
But I was hoping for more effects and cool stuff, here is nice but it's a slideshow wink.
Good job anyway wink.

#3 08 Sep, 2011 11:25:37


Cool video do you have interesting feedbacks A.C.Puig smile ?


♫ Tu veux publier ta BD sur Amilova ? Lis les instructions et envois moi un message privé wink.

#4 15 Sep, 2011 21:03:13


Sorry, I don't understand english very well.
what do you mean?

#5 17 Sep, 2011 17:06:02


It's cool man !
But I was hoping for more effects and cool stuff, here is nice but it's a slideshow .
Good job anyway .

(Es genial tio! Pero me esperaba más efectos y cosas molonas, Así está bien, Pero no destaca demasiado. De todos modos un buen trabajo.)

Cool video do you have interesting feedbacks A.C.Puig  ?

(Genial el video. Tienes comentarios interesantes en youtube o en otros sitios sobre tu video?)

y tio... aprende inglés! XDD ... que es muy necesario! jajaja


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