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#1 18 Sep, 2019 03:51:37


well, I hope english is the best language to discuss things here, as i'm from mexico, speak both eng and spanish and I would love to learn french in the future but alas.

my name is Javier, im an illustrator and comic artist from mexico, my comic is about a group of teenagers in school who are taken to an alternate medieval dimmension by mistake, where they have adventures. pretty straightforward
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right now i have just a bit over 100 pages drawn, but im really looking forward to have a growth on the people who has access to my comic, i haven't got too much luck in that aspect.

if someone wants to see more of my work please feel welcome at my instagram as exeivier or facebook as anterra chronicles/cronicas also nice to meet you! smile

#2 15 Apr, 2020 15:25:37


Sorry for the late reply, but it's excellent. You are very talented.

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