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#1 19 Mar, 2012 13:31:54


Dear Amilovers smile

Our project is growing more and more with each day. If you love Amilova but would love it even more in your native language we’d greatly appreciate if you could lend us a hand and a little bit of your time smile

If you speak more than one language and want to help the Amilova community, your contribution will be most welcome!

We are in need of translators for the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, etc. We’re looking for volunteers from our large and growing community of users.

We would also like to kindly ask for your cooperation in helping us with the cleaning of the balloons. We would love to have you as part of our translating team. So please feel free to leave comments under that post or to contact me at ''.

Thank you in advance!

#2 20 Mar, 2012 09:53:20


You will find below a short selection of excellent comics that might interest you for a translation in English / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Japanese / Russian...

There are albums whose translation has already been started, but are in need of translators to take over. Others are still waiting to find someone serious to propose her/his help smile

Dhalmun: Age of smoke … smoke.html

Demon Fist

Only Two

Dark Eagle … eagle.html

Eternal Linker … 0%85-.html

Night Feast


Le garçon de Salida … alida.html

Waldo Papaye … apaye.html

Guild Adventure … nture.html

Bienvenidos a Republica Gada … -gada.html

Retro Futur … futur.html


Petit bouché … ouche.html


Holiday Hold-up … ld-up.html


A la recherche de Dracula … acula.html


Full Moon

#3 20 Mar, 2012 17:20:19


HI Fikiri! When I had more time I´ll translate in POrtuguese!!! lolll In this moment I translate the *Kamo mystery* ;P

#4 22 Mar, 2012 15:08:30

babee wrote:

HI Fikiri! When I had more time I´ll translate in POrtuguese!!! lolll In this moment I translate the *Kamo mystery* ;P

Thank you babee!
Any help is welcome smile

#5 23 Jun, 2012 20:15:48


I might translate some page in Italian. But I'm able to translate only from English, and it isn't the original language of many comics. Can I translate from the English translation? I know that it isn't a good work, but it seems that many translations are very loose, so I think it isn't so bad if I make a try.

Thanks smile

#6 23 Jun, 2012 21:54:25


I can translate in italian,from french, english and spanish.. If u give me the name of the comics big_smile
I am translating maxim, and I have traduced dragon piece and dragon last if u want to know how I work :Dù
I am translating age of smoke in italian smile

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