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#1 30 Sep, 2011 11:54:59


Dear translator friends smile.

You will find below the list of the comics that are currently open for translation !!!

Some are comics in french that can be translated in english or Spanish / italian / portuguese / japanese / Bulgarian / catalonian / german / Dutch - nederlands and more on demand soon (Polish is on the way we don't forget about you DrugON wink )

Somee comics in english... that can be translated in all languages above smile.

Dear translators, thanks in advance for your kind contribution !!! By Helping our artists friends to be known worldwide you're, you're doing an amazingly good and positive thing !!!

I'll update this list regularly wink.

If you want to translate in a language that is not available yet... prooootest and we'll work on it wink.
Everything is possible... even Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Thaï... everything smile !


LISTE AU 30/09/2011

Dragon Piece


Saint Seiya - Black War

Saint Seiya - Ocean Chapter

Saint Seiya - Eole Chapter

Magical Fami


Amilova : artworks


L'île aux Roches

Super Dragon Bros Z


Dark Heroes_2010

Borders of the Black Hole

Supernova Chronicles

BDs du piratesourcil

LUKARD, the little vampire

Run 8

Le Maitre du Vent


Battle Saga


Junk Story

Lost Fruty




Full Moon

Aux Armes


Food Attack

Apple strength

Duo des étoiles

Secret Files A.C.Puig


Rétro Future

The God and the Player





Angels' Judgment



Itai Tenshi

♫ Tu veux publier ta BD sur Amilova ? Lis les instructions et envois moi un message privé wink.

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