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#1 22 Sep, 2012 06:38:36


I introduce to you the second part of the saga « Zombie Apocalypse »: Nzumbe.

Yes second part because the first one was “Aux Armes!” of course.

These 2 stories are taking place at almost the same period but in different place, with other character and different “goal “.

In this story, I am going to explain the contagion in the civil point of view and focus a important part of the scenario in closed session.

At the beginning this story is the first one that I have wrote and should have been the main scenario, and it should be completed with a series of short stories.

As well say the story as growing since the start. I also choose to integrate short stories in the main scenario.

I started the write the scenario 3 yars ago, on one of my working place, i twill become a main monument of the story. This story is also a tribute to the heritage, this place is Rouen’s Saint-Ouen abbey.

Normand’s late gothic jewels, I said that these monuments have been built during trouble and war time, they resist to the time, the degradation, the human’s conflict and they will be there after us. 

In short, this place should easily resist to a zombies’ invasion. Although the churches are places usually flee if attacked zombies, however in this one there is almost no worship so few people came and Rouen is a town with an important religious heritage, I think that a lot of people run to the cathedral in case of problem.

Rouen is where the action is but I will late some topography’s fancy to add a little bit of originality. 

The character develop will be almost different of the lopez’ brother, because they aren’t soldier, and they will have other capacity. It will have dead, but I want to follow up the starting characters and don’t renew constantly the cast. 

In add, the main character is not as balanced like the soldiers… I wanted a borderline hero. 

This is a story you can follow even if you don’t know « Aux Armes! » but it will be some cross-over between the two series. So it is more advisable to read both to know all the details.

I don’t know yet the publication rate…^^’

Happy reading ! … age-1.html

Thanks to nico93 for translating this post smile

Une Apocalypse Zombie, Deux frères solidaires... Lisez "Aux Armes !"
Venez découvrir 30cm de Bonheur avec Roberto Fellassionni
Des zombies, un huit clos lisez " Nzumbe "

#2 30 Sep, 2012 06:31:04


Some words about the title of this Comic.

Nzumbe is a word derived from Kimbundu one of the most spoken languages in Angola.
A long time before that Romero turn it to a people devouring the flesh of the living, the word zombie, or zonbi in Haitian creole, at the beginning indicate a living-dead brig back to life by a voodoo priest (a hougan).
The sorcerer uses a drug immersing the victim in a state of catalepsy (loss sensation, inability to move), but the zombie stay conscious. In this state, the person is leaving for dead and buried.
Then the sorcerer comes to exhume the body by reciting a lot of formula and magic incantation, and give him a potion and awake him of his lethargy, but this thing delete his liberty and his free will.
Then he become the sorcerer’s slave. Unlike the “Hollywood’s” zombie, this one fears the fire and doesn’t rot on feet. 

Clairvius Narcisse show his name on the grave where he goes out like a zombi’s slave.
Very famous zombie, in 1962 was declared dead. He testified that he could see and hear, but without feeling. So he attended to his own funeral then we unearthed him, and we took him to cultivation. The voodoo’s is an old religion from Africa. Its spirits world worship, kindly or not. Voodoo’s story is close to African’s slave one who found themselves in cotton field in Haiti and Louisiana.
These religion stay closes of the catholic religion, indeed, the Lwas (or Louas) are the same of Saints, because they are links between spirits and human. They materialize himself in inanimate object (plant, rock…).
The Baron Saturday is an important Lwas.
He is the boss of the loas of death. The ceremonies are devoted to take place in cemeteries. Sacrifices are made for him goat and black cock, his attribute is a black cross and his colors are black and purple.

Althought the origin is most obvious voodoo zombies, however can’t be put aside other animed dead bodies in Europe history, could be easy link to zombie, especially through the macabre dance (like those of cemeterie of innocent in Paris or the Aitre Saint Maclou in Rouen) and the painting “the 3 dead and the 3 alive”.

Ornament with a frieze of the walls of the Aître Rouen Saint-Maclou used as grave in the Middle Ages following the outbreak of Black Plague.

Macabre dance

This cadavre are agressive against the alive, brutalizing, shocking, and look for to bring them in death, highlighting the fragility of human existence. These macabre figures took roots during the plague epidemic in 1348, the death is everywhere and these picture of cadaver putrefied are supposed to bring the men to turn away from the material things and terrestrial futile to seek spiritual elevation, however with time they no longer serve to illustrate ghost stories. 

A famous painting worth to stop on it it’s the triumph of the dead by Brueghel the old (my favourite painting) where we can see an undead army attack innocent alive people. There no religion dimension, just free butcher of alive people without paradise consolation. We can say that painting is the first representation of massive zombies invasion where human are overflowing by fullness of the task and died without an hope of redemption. 

The triumph of the dead

I choosed this title because Iwant to return to the origin of the word zombie, in add zombie is too classic and already use, and trough the Dance Macabre, the Vanities or Walking Dead, the undead theme and his representation fascinate me.

Thanks to nico93 for translating this post

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Une Apocalypse Zombie, Deux frères solidaires... Lisez "Aux Armes !"
Venez découvrir 30cm de Bonheur avec Roberto Fellassionni
Des zombies, un huit clos lisez " Nzumbe "

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