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#1 01 Sep, 2012 18:49:49


Hello there various individuals of cyberspace! After discovering the power of the interwebs, I found my way to this site, which I shall use as part of my evil plan! I can't give all the details, but it involves a comic, Abe Lincoln's hat, and 12,000 Megawats of pure electricity! Anyways, I recently developed an interest in manga and its related subjects after a colleague of mine once mentioned that he, along with a few of his friends who he communicates with over the internet, is in the process of developing a manga. After some description of his plan, I thought, "Hmm, a series of juxtaposed images arranged in a sequence to convey a story.....surely this fellow must be an evil mastermind!!!" And so, I made a painstaking effort to figure out what an internet is, and then I found my way to this site! So, for now, I will merely discuss things and lob a few ideas around and see how far it furthers my plans.

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