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#1 21 Jun, 2011 13:41:05


I hate fan service. Absolutely hate it.

According to Anime News Network's Encyclopedia,
"fan service is the act of adding something with no direct relevance to the story or character development into an anime (or manga) for the purpose of pleasing fans.

The most common form of fan service is the addition of scenes of scantily clothed, seductively posed, well-endowed women, or something similar (panty shots), also common in anime and especially manga aimed at female readers are similar situations involving male characters".

The question is: is there really a point to showing the girl mostly naked when it has little-to-nothing to do with the story? So the plot, art, and characters are not good enough to sell the series? They have to pump it full of rather ridiculous sex appeal?

I think that the most part of fan service is actually meant to distract us and take us away from the bad or flawed story writting, just to keep us interested in the show/manga. So, I don't find it pleasant, is just an insult to the reader sad

#2 21 Jun, 2011 14:27:30


I like fanservice, the more the better. Fanservice is something that is added strictly to appeal to (or service) the fans. I am a fan and I want things that appeal to me.

There are a lot of other things that I like about the series but they would probably not be enough to get my time and money if the girls were flat-chested, ugly and kept their clothes on all of the time.

#3 21 Jun, 2011 14:59:38


"I think that the most part of fan service is actually meant to distract us and take us away from the bad or flawed story writting, just to keep us interested in the show/manga. So, I don't find it pleasant, is just an insult to the reader "

I´m agree in half part with you. But take it as a clear idea of the concept.
think about fishing. If you want to go to catch a good fish, you have to use a good hook, but you have to use a good claim for the fish to bite the hook.

Thus, both have to work.

If you put a good claim, but the hook is not strong enough and does not hold enough line, Do you think it will be good claim? people are not stupid. Know what they want and how they want. You may have more visits, but a series (such is a comic or manga) is not like a movie, you pay the entrance, you swallow the movie even if you liked it or not. The reader usually does not usually give a second chance when you disappointed him once.

So in my opinion there must be a good claim and a good hook as far as possible.

I used one in this page. And what i cannot be denied is that it´s effective. … ge-12.html

Look at french part and you will see that the PEDOBEAR is not in the page... because i had 100 comments and 50 unique comments of different users.... So it can or it cannot be necessary... but what there is no discussion... It´s effective! and also thankful for readers.

But One thing must be clear .. I will never accept that at least in my comics, those sex or nudity "just for free". In this page it was necessary that the characters were naked. (another thing is to show them full body or not ...)

Whenever possible adhere to history without being absurdly exaggerated. is a good resource.

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#4 01 Jul, 2011 16:50:10


I only dislike fanservice when it takes away fom the plot. If the plot is nothing more than fanservice, it better be damn good if they want me to keep reading.

#5 02 Jul, 2011 19:49:22

Diogenes Mota

Sometimes, when there is a good connection to the story, I think of them as useful when trying to get the attention of unusual readers, as 'johandark' has said. Other times, though, I think the fan service is nothing more than a filler to fulfill the place of a good plot. A real shame!

#6 30 Aug, 2011 20:21:05


A good comics don't need fan service. Plot, graphic style and interesting characters are what interest me most anyway. For instance, Persepolis, the girls don't get naked and they're not exactly pretty and big chested (in a classic manga style anyway), but it's a bloody excellent comics/anime.

I try to ignore fan service, be it male or female oriented. It certainly doesn't work on me, on the contrary. When it gets "too much", the plot better be damn good for me to keep up with it. At best, I find it so ridiculous that it amuses me (well it can get insulting too but better laugh than cry about it ^.^ ).

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#7 31 Aug, 2011 14:55:30

Robot Panda

As long as the creators don't go out of their way to do the fanservice, it is fine. The appearance of Drizzt in Baldur's Gate is good fanservice. Wolverine's appearance in X-Men: First Class was good fanservice too. A girls clothes falling off on their own is not good fanservice, unless the girl is Anarchy Panty.

There's so many drawings and comics revolving around half naked girls, if we want them we can easily find them, no need to have them making no sense in a good comic. smile

#8 18 Oct, 2011 16:37:33


Depends...I really love ff7 for example but the fan boys/girls kinda ruin it with the yaoi and saying sephitoth is the best villa character ever.
No offence, I love the game, it has a beautiful story imo, that goes for everything else, it really depends, but us artist...xD complicated case
Besids big boobs and clothing falling will be always caught attention of the ppl so that's the biggest fan service ppl can get attention with sad (or not) but true

#9 19 Oct, 2011 07:22:14


I feel that fan service in manga/anime world is the semi-naked videos of ex-stars currently sinking into oblivion (ex. Britney Spears - Womanizer video). They are kinda desperate.
Yeah, that works for pop music fans, but does it work for an anime fan?
It depends on how you feel about anime\manga.
If it's just an entertainment for you, then fan service is more that welcome.
But if you consider anime\manga as art...then fan service is a disappointement.

#10 01 Nov, 2011 06:07:29

Monsieur Rien

I'm , I've been and I guess will always be a fan service hater. I mean , I hate this on music cd's covers (you know, giving the feelling you're sold more the butt of the singer than the music inside) and video clips, the same goes for mangas.

After , if it's IN THE PLOT (for instance, Chun-Li taking shower in the SF2 anime, it makes sense.) that's different. So for exemple I won't frown upon something as johandark did because it's part of the plot.

But if it's just big boobs for the sake of big boobs and attract readers.... well, you certainly won't catch my attention and rather make me run away , sometimes even if the story is ok because it simply pisses me off (and a comic already lost my vote for that simple reason. I like the story, but too much playing on irrelevant appearances of mini skirts, big boobs etc.).

Then, as an artist, I won't use of it and actually, in my comic, I'm rather taking a malicious pleasure to feature UGLY women (here is an exemple : … age-1.html  (cover of a chapter which will mock fan service by the way.)
I know it's certainly not the way to win a contest but I don't care. I prefer to lose sticking on my ethics than breaking them and win doing something my conscience doesn't agree with.

"The end justifies means"? Nah, I don't agree.

Dinoman, l'épopée de l'homme aux 7 neurones : c'est ICI.

#11 01 Nov, 2011 10:24:59


I quite like fan service, except when it becomes too gross or when it puts the plot aside! For example a whole episode of fanservice is too much, ther's one like that in High School of the Dead (as if the recurring panty and boobs shots weren't enough). I don't mind these kinds shots though it means nothing to me... I think the real problem with fanservice is that it is aiming men only! I want hot guys quarrelling in a tube too (and not only in yaoi!!). Fan girls are always forgotten!

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#12 01 Nov, 2011 13:22:00


Well, I must say I agree with you, fikiri, on most of the subject.
Fanservice really annoys me when it's obvoius and it ALWAYS is. I'm not really familiar with anime/manga (seen/read only few), but I already noticed that annoying fan service thing. Personally I prefer to make my own fan service (FAN ART, FAN FIC), that's a more creative way to express it smile And it's a lot more fun. That way, the anime/manga/movie/whatever you're abusing (:P) is not filled with pointless scenes.

@Mariko - I don't think fan-girls are forgotten, but maybe there's not fan-girl and fan-boy fan service at one time, in one show?
Par example Twilight (always shitless werewolf boy)
Have you seen Kuroshitsuji ? I think the plot was predominated by fan-girl stuff big_smile And by looking at Guy Ritchie's Sherlcok Holmes 2 trailer, even there's some fan serving.

#13 08 Nov, 2011 13:24:15

Robot Panda

Is it me or anime has actually REDUCED fanservice into being just showing a character half or totally naked? Because there's some good fanservice in Duke Nukem Forever, like Duke ripping on the power armor, or making the "Leeroy" remark when that soldier dies. That's also fanservice. In the last few Batman movies there's SO MUCH fanservice, like Zasz's(?) appearance. It is gender neutral, fanservice is not only about some specific characters taking their clothes off, though I have the suspicion it's manga's fault that fanservice has this bad reputation. :s

#14 08 Nov, 2011 13:32:23

Robot Panda wrote:

It is gender neutral, fanservice is not only about some specific characters taking their clothes off, though I have the suspicion it's manga's fault that fanservice has this bad reputation. :s

anime/manga doesn't have the kind of history your examples have, so the only way for service is nakedness smile and very very few references to other shows

#15 08 Nov, 2011 14:09:12

Robot Panda

That's why I prefer western entertainment xD

#16 30 May, 2013 14:47:23


Oh I never spotted this topic smile.

Fan Service... oh come on, this is what Anime are made for smile. Without that, you don't have Anime or Mangas smile.

I'm in the middle of reading "Freezing", that's why I'm totally for Fan Service smile.


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#17 26 Aug, 2013 04:10:33


Neither do I.
In my opinion, excess is bad. I don't hate fanservice, specially when is well placed but too many of it is annoying. It can ruin an otherwise good story. For example I think Project Aika is too much fanservicey. And as Troy said, it's sad anime/manga nowadays is plagued with eye candy fanservice. It's like anime = fanservice now. Anime can have nice stories with the right amount or why not? nothing at all.

As the works of several people here our comic has fanservice indeed. I haven't see an increment of readers when a page whit it shows (as I'm concerned) but people likes it every now and then so I'm ok with that.

#18 03 Sep, 2013 11:13:11


Fanservice is just another element a comic can have or not, and it may be atractive to one audience and not for others, but it doesn't make a work worse or better, it's just a matter of tastes.

It's like you read a comic and theres futuristic mechas, maybe you like mechas and so like the comic more, maybe you dislike mechas and thus it doesn't add attractive, but a plot don't become better or worse for having or not having mechas, if you read a comic and it have a love story maybe you like it, or maybe you prefer action and don't want to be bothered by a love story, but that doesn't make the comic worse, nor is unnecesary nor should make someone stop watching the comic if the action he wants to see it's good enought, the same as fanservice. Saying fanservice is not necesary it's the same as saying it's not necesary to add a love story or a robot, this are not elements that makes a work better or worse nor are necesary or unnecesary, they are just tools to be used wisely.

The problem it's the same as any other thing, and thats when it's abusive and the comic itself only bases on that and nothing else. It's like modern action movies that consist only on continuous fights. Action fights are good if they are scarced through the movie and have a sense, going with the plot, but when the movie bases entirely in fight after fight with just a weak plot to justify it, then thing start to go bad. But that doesn't mean action fights are bad, it's just a misuse of them.

The same with fanservice, some works abuse of fanservice and almost only use it continously with little plot, and so it becomes tiring, but that's not the fault of the fanservice neither means fanservice it's bad, it's just a misuse of it.

I like fanservice when it's not excesive, i like to use some fanservice in my comics and i have found, as johandark said, that it's highly effective, meaning fanservice likes more people than it dislikes.

What i don't understand, in fact, it's why some people would stop watching a comic or any other work just because it have fanservice. That's just an assumption that a work must have a bad plot just because it shows a woman naked from time to time, and that's utterly ridiculous.

#19 11 Nov, 2013 11:08:59


As long as it's integrated in the story I see no arm. What I hate is too much fanservice, expecially when it comes with a terrible story.
But fanservice using minors, I simply hate it.
I love when, for example in a movie they come with a very hot sex scene that is interrupted by a phone call but a sex scene that comes from nowhere in a bad film and repeats a third of it's abusing (for that I'd rather see porn) and tottaly ruins the plot.
I would like to see fanservice from both sides, not only boobies. I specially love the shower scene both female (in most manga/anime) and male (in some manga/anime) because it's not a scene for perverts but a scenes that actually shows the most private side of the characters, and where a good writer can show the character's real feelings (and add a small flashback, for example).

So my response is ambiguous. If I really like it or not, it depends...

#20 23 Dec, 2013 11:54:23

Reon Merryweather

I like fanservice, because I like good looking girls in scantily clad clothing.

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