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#1 12 Oct, 2013 06:28:52

River West

Hi everyone smile I'm River. I'm doing indie graphic novels&comics for living, and fortunately still alive.


I've contacted with since this spring by one of my scrolling comics Border Knights (I myself still don't know what that title means) … ights.html
Then actually I've barely used my account for that I have not much contents to show...
However now I can say I've started drawing another series, and I'd like to publish my E-books here coz I like (for no reason). Maybe coz that I think the name Amilova is so pretty or I like the spirit here smile

Glad to meet you guys.

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#2 27 Oct, 2013 08:07:33


THanks for the introduction, you do amazing comics River!!!
I love your style, and the quality of drawings + colors is totally stunning!

Cheers !

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