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#1 26 Jun, 2013 18:34:27


Hi, im looking for someone who will be interested in translating my regular webcomic, Guild adventure, a monster hunter inspired shonen i've been uploading here for more than a year, to french from english or spanish. I had some translators but they stoped and banished time ago hmm, now one friend translates some page from time to time but she don't have time and don't know the language so much to do it acurately, so i will be pleased if someone helps me with that.

The comic its in english and spanish and it's updated twice a week, this is the french version … age-1.html the translation it's about 20 pages behind of the spanish and english version sad

Contact me if someone it's interested, maybe i can pay the favor of a regular translation with some drawing or cameo smile

#2 26 Jun, 2013 19:56:57


Pourquoi les anciens traducteurs ont... été chassés ?
Bon, c'est OK. Ta BD est vraiment bien en plus.

Mais je vois que le chapitre 9 a déjà été traduit (sauf page 5) mais n'est pas visible à tout le monde. Quel rythme de publication que souhaites-tu ?
Why were they "banished"... ? yikes
Right, I will do it ! And your comic is very good.

But I saw that chapter 9 (except page 5) has already translated but isn't visible by everybody at moment. Wich publication tempo do you want ?

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#3 29 Jun, 2013 11:00:44


@Bellatrice je pense qu'il voulait dire "Vanished" smile. C'est qu'à une touche de distance sur le clavier wink.

J'espère que Guildadventure trouvera de nouveaux traducteurs, c'est un excellent manga !


♫ Tu veux publier ta BD sur Amilova ? Lis les instructions et envois moi un message privé wink.

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