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15 コメント

Huh, different timeline same result, eh buddy?

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 05/17/2020 20:39:37   
Chewys 30

Of course!! This is Yamcha's signature moment. Yamcha has to get Yamchaed in order to be Yamcha.

Chewys 05/18/2020 04:44:53   
alain57 4

lol a yamcha full power (senzu bean) vs a creature 4 or 5 time less powerfull
not sure that the blow will have any impact on him.
Maybe it is just enough to destroy the remaining beans

Or is this the moment where dr gero can finally put him as an android ..
I suppose krillin and roshi will both be so badly damaged that guerro needed to put the peaces of two of them to build the krillin android

alain57 05/23/2020 11:12:20   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 12

Actually it's more like a little less than 3.5x stronger. As I said on the last page to someone else (or was it you? well it was someone), going off of how Chewys' firmly believes canon Nappa to have been at 8000 PL, that would mean that canon Chiaotzu was 13x weaker when his self-destruct failed. So I think it is very likely this will actually kill Yamcha though it might not be enough to be an instant kill and maybe will give him a chance to have final words before he shuffles off to the after life.

Now something did come to mind and I'm actually curious if Chewys thought about this too. I wonder if Gero might end up getting his hands on the corpses of the bad guys who die in this battle, turn them into Cyborgs while their dead, and use the DBs to revive them under his control. That could be an interesting twist and possibly help Gero's side be strong enough to capture Yamcha later down the line.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 05/24/2020 09:18:59   
TheAGWay 1

Ahh the good ol Yamchaed!!!! U9 Yamcha will prevail I am sure of it. No little bitty saibaman shall defeat the great Yamcha!!!!!!! Although now I think the blast radius will the destroy the remanence of the senzu beans . Q: Were those the beans that Grandpa Gohan left at his house or were they new ones from Korin? PS Do senzu beans have a use by date?? CHeers

TheAGWay 05/23/2020 10:45:33   
HyperSonic_1985 3

I bet Yamcha survive this but the senzu beans will be destroy by that blast.

HyperSonic_1985 05/23/2020 10:49:35   
Jason Phoenix 10

That Saibaman deserves a medal, what a champ.
0h Yamcha, never change...

Jason Phoenix 05/23/2020 14:47:02   
Cattivone 3


Cattivone 05/23/2020 15:23:04   
Atan 3

Well that was... not unexpected. I called it the moment I saw the saibaman next to him... But this Yamcha is far stronger....

Atan 05/23/2020 15:33:20   
TotalmentoTulio 15

Dramatic scene, but the Yamcha is 4 times stronger here than in the Canonical History, and he is still in full power after eating a Senzu, this creature does not have 25% of the power that the Yamcha has, I am sure that this blow / Saibamen's suicide tactic will NOT have any impact on him. But unfortunately this will end up destroying all the remaining Senzus that Yamcha and Master Roshi took, this will leave both of them in bad shape, as their strategy was to attack with full force and then recover by eating a Senzu to continue fighting while the others do not arrive.

TotalmentoTulio 05/24/2020 03:35:36   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 12

Seems like BOOMSTICK and myself are in the minority in believing that Yamcha will be killed by this. Self-destructing is supposed to be a means of killing someone stronger than you and Yamcha is only around 3-3.5x stronger than the Saibamen, so I don't really think he's strong enough to survive this or at least not permanently survive this.
I think he might have a chance to get in some final words after this Saibamen Kamikaze attack.

Nappa survived Chiaotzu in canon, but according to Chewys' belief, Nappa was at 8000PL which is around 13-14x stronger than Chiaotzu which is far greater than 3-3.5x stronger. I have a feeling the power difference needed to survive probably has to be at least 10x difference at this point in the story.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 05/24/2020 09:25:00   

Errata corrige:
-That guy is certainly DAMAGED.
-If we fight and USE (not “uses”)

At any rate, the story is unfolding very well, the suicide was cool to see, though Yamcha shouldn’t suffer too many consequences as he just came back at full power. Yet, the senzu may be gone.

MATTIA IL DIVINO 05/25/2020 00:24:18   
Jason Phoenix 10

Actually, could the fact that Yamcha IS stronger be what changes the situation? This time he might survive but be completely ruined, enter Gero and the cybernetic enhancements.

Jason Phoenix 05/25/2020 11:50:02   
Salagir 32

No, really??

Salagir 05/18/2021 21:40:14   
Chewys 30

Hahahaha, yeah! It's Yamcha's signature move!

Chewys 05/23/2021 05:58:49   
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