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I always saw Cui's one sided rivalry with Vegeta as jealousy on Cui's side and indiference on Vegeta's side.

Like Cui's weaker than the Ginyu force, he's weaker than Coolers special squad, he's weaker than Zarbon and Dodoria, but hey at least he can act superior around the monkey.

Only said monkey has way more potential than him and could surpass him any time. In fact he does in DBZ and just one shots Cui without sparing a thought.

Yeah Cui's overcompensating big time.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 13/12/2019 23:12:58   

Althoug he is stronger than Guldo... But since Vegeta already throws biscuits at Guldo... Not much of an accomplishment there.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 13/12/2019 23:13:49   
Atan 3

Ehi. We are at page 500! Compliments to Chewys for this achievment!
And our heroes will have to face Cui too? That will be bad! I wonder how strong they will become after training...

Atan 14/12/2019 17:46:35   
HyperSonic_1985 2

I wonder if this when they going to ask Mr. Satan to help with there traing sins Videl did joind them later in U9.

HyperSonic_1985 16/12/2019 15:55:31   
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Ritmo de lanzamiento: Martes, Sábado

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