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presentation of Klonoa

Hello and welcome!

Enjoy your stay-- nothing much to look at

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I'm back!
Nice to see this site again ^^


Offering translation
I'm not sure but I have worked for past few days on the chapters of Leth Hate because I really liked this comic and wanted to see if I can translate i (...)


Just want to say hello for everyone because I'm really new and green on this site! I hope I'll stay here for a longer while and make some friends ^^

What anime are you watching right now? Why?
Actually I'm watching Arakawa Under the Bridge because I was looking something funny to watch and here it is! If anyone can stand upon the stupidity (...)

Offering translation
I dont think that my mother language is that popular.. but! I can translate some comics into polish language ^^ If anybody wants then I'm free!


I've never expected to register on this site but as I can see it gives plenty of awesome comics to read!

Well.. it is time to say hello for amilova ^^


Hello Klonoa, welcome here ;). If you like some comics, don't hesitate to leave comments, the artists will appreciate ;).

Oh btw some infos on how to use your blog with FULL POWER :)


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