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Fuck You!

Fuck You! : manga cover

A short, blunt anti-love story.

Художник :

Original Language : English

Обновления : Finished

Жанры : Триллер

Тип : манга - One-Shot
(Комикс (слева направо))

118 Comments on the pages of Fuck You!

Нафаня Нафаня 30May гл1 стр1 Очень прикольная манга *О*

118 comments in other languages.

Nadya Kaur Nadya Kaur 6Feb гл1 стр1 I am looking for some good blog sites for studying. I was searching over search engines and found your blog site. Well i like yo (...)
Cypher Cypher 17Feb гл1 стр4 c'est sublime depuis le début ! des contrastes nets noir/blanc comme j'aime.
Cypher Cypher 17Feb гл1 стр7 instant émotion et juste après mdr avec le coup de pied ! sacré retournement de situation.
shubham1111 shubham1111 26Sep гл1 стр9 revenge from your ex be like ... :D :D :D :D
Domm Domm 24Dec гл1 стр7 hoooooooooooooo
Gothic Angel Gothic Angel 17Dec гл1 стр7 So Awesome and Romantic at the same time!
bacs23 bacs23 16Jul гл1 стр7 jsjs PENSE Q ERA ALGO ASI DE MIEDO PERO POR HAORA NO PARESE
Bassworld Bassworld 6Jun гл1 стр9 Superbe One Shot j'ai vraiment aimé :D Si seulement une rupture serais aussi classe et épic que sa...malheureusement sa passe rar (...)
moon3002013 moon3002013 26May гл1 стр8 "bon débara u_u"
moon3002013 moon3002013 26May гл1 стр7 XD dans le genre "voyons voir la marchandise ... et pis finalement elle a voulu me tuer et je suis rancunier !!!"
Throneofsouls Throneofsouls 28Mar гл1 стр2 I believe she & the guy were once a couple,then broke-up at some point which both,( especially the woman)didn't take well. So it d (...)
Death-carioca Death-carioca 22Mar гл1 стр9 So sad, I wanted A LOT more.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 22Mar гл1 стр7 Literally, the title.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 22Mar гл1 стр6 I guess my only problema with this comic is that...those eyes from the boy are just too strange, too psychotic, too open.
Death-carioca Death-carioca 22Mar гл1 стр5 Somehow, this reminds me of Tim Burton stuff.

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