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Leth Hate

Leth Hate : comic cover

Webcomic about a man that refuses to die and the
zombie and succubus that keep him company.
Comedy with occasional NSFW content.

Leth Hate is my Fourth Webcomic. It started as a experiment to see what I could get away with.

Художник :

Переводчик :

Original Language : English

Обновления : On hold

Жанры : Юмор

Тип : Комиксы
(Комикс (слева направо))

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952 Comments on the pages of Leth Hate

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Oleg Tsap Oleg Tsap 18Jan гл3 стр6 даже вот ссылка отсюда изображения скачяйте и редактируйте так проще h t t p : leth . smackjeeves . com comics 1175726 chapte (...)
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952 comments in other languages.

carolinahoward carolinahoward 27Mar гл3 стр6 Links are allowed in comments only for Team Members!
GABEXRPO GABEXRPO 14Sep гл5 стр8 Porfavor sigan con la historia se estaba poniendo buenaaa
billschim billschim 23Sep гл2 стр8 haha that's hilarious , well done!!
NuluMon NuluMon 23Jan гл11 стр4 :D Absolutely me XD
niconicoYEET niconicoYEET 7Jul гл5 стр2 i hope some one gets killed. soom.
niconicoYEET niconicoYEET 7Jul гл2 стр8 i love dis....
Horeo Horeo 6Apr гл11 стр13 Dommage que sa soit fini.:(
Heavenly Heavenly 24Nov гл1 стр1 t'as encore rien vu xD
Un panda légèrement violent Un panda légèrement violent 24Nov гл1 стр1 Ouh putain je sens que je vais adorer ce truc !
Buchi Joy Buchi Joy 20Nov гл2 стр8 Ooh dégueu ! J'aime beaucoup ! Y a de l'humour du sarcasme avec une belle touche de perversion xD
Buchi Joy Buchi Joy 20Nov гл1 стр1 J'adore xD
yamara_m yamara_m 7Apr гл3 стр2 XDD mdr
yamara_m yamara_m 7Apr гл2 стр3 XD mdr! désolé pour mon manque de lactation x")
yamara_m yamara_m 7Apr гл1 стр1 XDDD j'aime ce commencement! ça promet!
Shirubani Shirubani 17Mar гл1 стр1 Ca commence bien ! xD

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v.silver New Topic! 10Nov Leth Hate. Chapter two done, I finally managed how to translate new chapters :))) Cheerz, fucken! Excellent ;). But... are there Czech read (...)

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