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4 комментарии
Chewys 26

Saiya Fuu Fuu Ken!!!

Chewys 05/26/2019 15:20:42   
Yienzu 3

This is a really good looking page! Come on Z team!

Yienzu 05/28/2019 10:28:57   
Jason Phoenix 7

Yeah! Go Raditz!
In my defence, he doesn't get much love in the original story, so I might as well root for him now.

Jason Phoenix 05/28/2019 16:03:20   
Yienzu 3

Agreed. I always thought it was a waste to not have Goku want to wish back and rehabilitate his own brother.
It's tough here though because I always liked Raditz but I always liked the idea of the Z Team working together instead of just waiting on Goku even more!

Yienzu 05/28/2019 22:55:33   

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