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5 комментарии
Ultimate-Perfection 7

I'm glad Yamcha is still in the fight! I thought Raditz knocked him out with that heavy knee to the torso. Based on his power level, I'd say Yamcha is charging for a Super Kamehameha, rather than a regular one. Raditz will probably just block it, like he did against Goku in U18

Maybe Yamcha could throw in a Sokidan behind Raditz, and use in in conjunction with a Kamehameha to hit his opponent from both sides? That would be a great force multiplier!

Ultimate-Perfection 05/09/2019 18:55:11   
Meenie 1

Kienzan!! From behind

Meenie 05/10/2019 14:33:49   
Cell3 3

Tenshinhan should use this opportunity to attack Raditz from behind while he looks elsewhere.

Cell3 05/10/2019 21:35:06   
luca1 2

If they just had time to assemble before he attacked them and worked together from the start all of them - Raditz wouldn't stand a chance

luca1 05/13/2019 11:05:11   
Atan 3

Go Yamcha!
I hope you will be able to post new pages soon!
Also, a bit off-topic. it's interesting seeing the differences between this story and the DBM "real" one. Many things in common and some differences. But the DBM chapter is still in his beginning

Atan 05/17/2019 14:46:02   

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