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Amor Fantasmal

Amor Fantasmal : manga cover

Lara accidentally discovers that her boyfriend is cheating her... At the same time she realizes that now is a ghost!
Accompany Lara in her ghostly lessons and quest for revenge!

Художник :

Сценарист :

Original Language : Español

Обновления : Finished

Жанры : Fantasy - SF

Тип : манга - One-Shot
(Комикс (слева направо))

81 comments in other languages.

ivadd ivadd 6Jun гл1 стр21 Petite histoire en One-shot, vraiment sympathique, Félicitation !! :)
EstrellaLimox EstrellaLimox 3Feb гл1 стр1 Jajaja se ve interesante ♡(∩o∩)♡
-HAGANE- -HAGANE- 10Feb гл1 стр10 wow!! y esto???
-HAGANE- -HAGANE- 10Feb гл1 стр4 wow! o_o
-HAGANE- -HAGANE- 9Feb гл1 стр3 se ve interesante, a leerlo =)
marchand2sable marchand2sable 12Aug гл1 стр2 Je viens de finir la traduction ! J'espère que cela vous plaira... :)
jokeofgame jokeofgame 7Aug гл1 стр6 elle vais bien lui en donne qu'Er se type c'est un sacre langue de (censure)
Claa Claa 9Jul гл1 стр16 * Hurt to break my love like that !!!???
Claa Claa 9Jul гл1 стр15 * it hurt you ?
christian thailande christian thailande 9Nov гл1 стр12 author,there appears to have been a mistake you forgot 'n' you wrote 'happenig' instead of 'happening' you ought to correct i (...)
Giancarlo Viru Giancarlo Viru 26May гл1 стр21 No tienes planes en continuarla? todos se ven muy enganchados en esto
Jormest Jormest 26May гл1 стр21 Tiempo después... aparece Jormest para decir: ¡Muchas gracias a todos! :D
LadyAthena LadyAthena 10May гл1 стр11 Kkkk muy bueno! <3
S.E.Th S.E.Th 9May гл1 стр16 Loving the story sofar!!:)
Erazade Erazade 21Apr гл1 стр6 Merci Burri ^^

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