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5 комментарии
Bellatrice 33

One day I got bitten by a fly. I didn't swat it : it flew off before my hand reached my arm.
The girl is acting in bad faith.

Bellatrice 03/04/2013 13:29:18   
TroyB 41

Bellatrice сказал:
The girl is acting in bad faith.

Totally .

TroyB 05/30/2013 17:52:30   
Death-carioca 30

Flies don't bite. Atleast, not normal flies.
They clean you. That's a primary reason of why they stay a lot in excrements and other dirty places.

Death-carioca 06/20/2014 15:38:41   
Bellatrice 33

It wasn't a "normal" fly. It was yellow and... it's all I know.

Bellatrice 06/20/2014 20:49:38   
Death-carioca 30

Yellow, huh.

Death-carioca 06/20/2014 21:15:42   

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