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4 コメント
Ouroboros 27

Jolly Dwarves. Most likely a dwarf pint is 10 times as strong as a normal one...

so don't drink it meagan

Ouroboros 10/16/2011 18:33:54   
Salagir 32

Ouroboros のコメント:so don't drink it meagan
Or maybe she should. The result could be funny !

Salagir 10/16/2011 20:21:59   
Hyp3rB14d3 3

I take it dwarves like their beer. Hmmm... Based on this, it seems likely that the dwarven measuring system is based around their beer. Is a dwarf gallon a barrel's worth?

Hyp3rB14d3 10/16/2011 22:47:59   
Salagir 32

Units measures in the fantasy world... I don't want to know! I'm sure Tokien made a very complete table ;p

Salagir 10/20/2011 14:55:11   
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