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4 コメント
Ouroboros 27

I am not sure that Mineshaft is indeed a Mage it counterdicts his surprise with unburned witches it could be a activation word for a prenament spell or curse.

Or is Lance Mineshaft Familiar?

Ouroboros 07/10/2011 23:55:02   
XplosiX 2

Wait wut?? o.O

XplosiX 07/11/2011 17:26:16   
Esteryn 33

ouhhh nice surprises there ^.^ i do love Megane's face as she is sleeping, la belle au bois dormant revisitée

Esteryn 08/13/2011 16:33:42   
Cole 2

Hmm that's odd. But I guess it does explain Lance's horrible memory. Still, as Ouroboros mentioned, it would not make sense for the Dwarf to have magic skills.

Cole 09/05/2011 03:20:03   
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